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   The drawing "Bonus 1.000"

Tickets for The Saturday Prize - Bonus 1,000 can be obtained:

at the roulette:

  • for a winning parlay payment higher than USD 100,
  • for casino personnel tips,

at the Blackjack: (for the parlay not less than USD 10)

  • for the same suit Blackjack - 2 tickets;
  • for the 3 sevens;
  • for 5 cards set less than 22;
  • for casino personnel tips,

, at the poker: (for the parlay not less than USD 10)

  • for the game "Three of a kind" and higher.
    ("3 of a kind" - 1 ticket, "Straight" - 2, "Flush" - 3, "Full House" - 4, "4 of a kind" - 6, "Straight Flush" - 8, "Royal Flush" - 10 tickets).
  • for casino personnel tips,

Tickets for Bonus 1,000 are drawn everyday at 10 p.m.

Bonus 1,000 winner is awarded with a ticket for the Super Prize of the Month USD 5,000.

If the owner of the winning ticket is not present in the hall during the drawing or if he or she can not produce the second part of the ticket this ticket is eliminated from drawing and the drawing of the next ticket starts.

Only the person with signed ticket could be awarded with Bonus 1,000 prize. After the Saturday's drawing all the losing tickets are abolished. Bonus 1,000 is paid in bonus tokens

We wish you good luck!

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