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   The Roulette Tournament

Everyone wishing to take part in Roulette - tournament pays an entrance fee - 100$.
Competing receive equal amount of game chips (1.000 game units).

The bets must be played every hand. It is not allowed to add chips or to take chips from the table. Duration of one round - 40 min.
Upon termination of round two winners will be determined. The chips will be counted up. Winners are the players having the greatest sum of chips. If the round comes to an end preschedully, winners are the last two players who have stayed in a game.

Two winners will take part in the final round.
Duration of the final round - three spins.

Entrance fee of the participant of the roulette tournament - 100$.
Prize of the winner of Roulette tournament is 500$ plus J.P.
Prize for the second place - 200$.

Good luck!

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