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   Day of Game on the Bonus

Casino "Gabriela" bids $1 on a Bonus bid with every bout. The Casino gets 44% of every Bonus bid.

I.e. if the players don't bid on Bonus but we still pay them, the Casino loses $56 on every 100 combinations. 100 combinations is approximately 15 minutes of the game on three tables, four players each (i.e. 12 combinations each).

The Casino pays 4 x 56 = $225 per hour. With the game on 12 positions, in 1 hour (with a bid of $10), theoretical profit of the Casino is 100 comb. x 4 (15 min. each) x 1.5% = $108. Loss: 225 - 180 = $45 per hour. If we raise the "Street" payment to $50, the Casino will get 33%, i.e. it will pay $67 per 100 combinations. I.e. the Casino will pay $270 per hour, and win $180. Loss: $90 per hour.

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