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   The Black Jack Tournament

Before the start of play a draw for tables and position will be made. Each round will be held over a period of four shoes. The entrance fee for the participant of tournament - 100$.

Competing receive equal amount of game chips (500 game units) Each player will play only one box (min 10$ max 200$). Player's chips to be held on the table. Starting with box 1, each player will place his bet in turn through to box 7.

The following hand, the player on box 2 will bet first and each player will bet in turn again, through to box 1. All players must bet on every hand. Once the bet is placed it cannot be touched or changed. The cards will be dealt starting from the box placing the bet first. (A marker button system will be used to enable players to keep track who is to place the first bet on each hand).

4 - 7 players with the highest value of chips left after three shoes will progress to the finals. During the game normal Gabriela Black Jack rules will apply.

Prize for the winner of Black Jack competition depends on amount of the participants:

 AMOUNT of the PARTICIPANTS   1-place   2-place   3-place 
Less then 7 players (1 game table) Bonus 500 + J.P. Bonus 100  
7 - 12 players (2 game tables) Bonus 500 + J.P. Bonus 200 Bonus 100
13 - 18 players (3 game tables) Bonus 500 + J.P. Bonus 300 Bonus 100
more then 24 players (4 game tables) Bonus 500 + J.P. Bonus 300 Bonus 100

J.P (JackPot) - the amount of collected fee after the payment of 2 and 3 places. The prizes are drawing among the payers who has the counters in the end on the round. All prizes are given out by counters. The winner receive the diploma of "the winner of tournament of Blackjack in Casino Gabriela".
The first who collect 10 diplomas will be awarded with USD 10,000

Wish you luck!

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