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   American roulette

You can play Roulette cash or colored chips at the table; these chips can only be used at the table where they have been bought.
Customers can place bets on any single number or any combination of numbers, even chances, colomns and dozens. Also dealer takes bets on the single number, neiborous and series:

  • voisins du zero - 9 chips
  • tier - 6 chips
  • orphelins - 5 chips
  • Misplaced bets, invalid bets or bets placed after the dealer calls "No more bets" are not accepted (all late bets are to be given back to the customer). When the winning number appears it will be announced by the dealer and marked with a marker called "Dolly". Then the dealer will clear all losing bets from the layout and pay out all winning bets in order:

      colomns  2:1
      dozens  2:1
      even chances
        (red - black,
        even - odd,
        high - low)
      sixlines (6 numbers)    5:1
      corners (4 numbers)   8:1
      street (3 numbers)   11:1
      split (2 numbers)   17:1
      straight up (1 number)  35:1

    "Naiborous" bets cover up 5 NUMBERS (two on the left side and two on the right side of the called number on the wheel).
    Please note that each table has a sign indicating the minimum and the maximum for the table.
    The manager in charge is responsible for the gaming area and his decision will be final in any situation where a dispute exists.

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