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History suggests that playing and cheating appeared around the same time. There are a lot of ways to deceive the casino.

The most common one is a "drive through". This method is tried on any newly opened casino, usually with four people taking part. Two are seated at the Poker table, the third person sits right beside them as a curious observer, and the fourth person walks freely across the hall back and forth. At a certain moment of time, when the bid is quite high, the "walker" attracts attention of the manager looking after that table. At the same time the "observer" draws attention of the dealer away from the game. One should be always aware of the video cameras. At the time of the trick several tables should be preoccupied with the game to dissolve the attention of the camera controllers. Provided that everything is done simultaneously and neatly, the two "players" should have enough time to exchange their cards skillfully, for one of them to end up with a winning combination on hands.

Another popular trick is marking the cards.
In the process of the game the cards get slightly bent, with each suit having its own bend at the top left corner of the card. The bent card then takes on a hue that can be spotted by an experienced cheater.

Cashing of the "guest" cap
Every good casino gives out its constant clients several free caps to get them into gambling. It should be noticed that those caps cannot be cashed straight away - they have to play on the table first. To do the trick a group of 5 to 6 people gets into the casino, pays the cover charge, and then, at the roulette table, places zero outcome bids (for example, half of the group bids on red, and the other half - on black). All the caps from this table can be then cashed, including the "guest" caps that initially did not cost anything.

This cheating trick is used when you need to make your partner to take the stack at a certain time, or (if playing with the co-cheater) to tell the co-cheater when to divide the stack into two parts while taking it. For this, the cheater slightly bends in different directions the piece, i.e. the ordered half of the stack, and the "empty" the rest of the stack. Pretending to shuffle the whole stack of cards, the cheater, in fact, shuffles only the "empty" at the top, leaving the order of the cards in the piece unchanged. Then he holds down the bent top of the piece with his finger, and as the partner touches the stack to move it, the cheater lets go of the piece, thus making the bent part stick out. As a result, the partner involuntarily takes off the sticking out bit, bringing the piece to the top. Proved as needed , - says the cheater to let the co-cheaters in the casino know that the Box was successful.

Cheating on the Roulette
At the moment when the ball stops and the dealer announces "No more bids" , the cheater has to manage to move the counter to the winning number. The casino usually does not make a big fuss about it: once the counter is there they have to pay.

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