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   Black Jack

BLACK JACK is a card game played six decks of 52 cards. The object of the game is to achieve a higher points total than the dealer, as near as possible to 21, without exeeding 21. All cards shuffled and cutted by customer. Game is playing with two boxes minimum. "Box" is a place for betting. Each plaing box receive firstly two cards and one card dealer opens to himself.

  •   card from 2 to 9 are counted at fase values,
  •   10s and pictures are counted as ten,
  •   Ace is counted as one or eleven.
  • ╩Player can ask for one or several card to make a maximum amount of points (as near as possible to 21). Customer cannot take a card after achieving 21 points (11/21 with Ace too). Exceeding 21 named "too many", this hand loses and dealer takes all bets plased on that box.
    When all the box owners have decided to stand or draw, the dealer deal a second card to himself and achieve a combination no less then 17 points. If the dealer has "too many" all bets are to pay 1:1 (BLACK JACK is paid 3:2. BLACK JACK is 21 with the first two cards - Ace and 10 or picture card).
    Once the dealer's hand is completed (17-21 points) it is determined which box still in play have won or lost according to the following:

    • if the dealer's hand exceeds 21 all boxes win 1:1
    • if the player's hand exceeds the dealer's hand it win 1:1
    • if the player's points total equal to that of dealer, it is called a "stand off".

    A Player has choice of surrender after receiving first two cards, before the third card is dealt to any box (a Player loses just half of this bet without game). A customer may choose to increase his original stake by an amount up to double bet and will reseive only one further card to his hand.
    If the first two cards dealt to a box are of an equal value, the Player may split the cards to form two separate hands ("split"). Cards may be split up to a maximum of four separate hands. Splitting Aces can only be done once and will receive only one further card.

    If the dealer's next card is an Ace, the player may take insurence by placing an amount equal to up to half of his original bet in the insurence area. When the dealer has an Ace he makes proposition to BLACK JACK holder to achieve an "even money" before next card.
    After the cutting card is drawn dealer finish the hand and shuffle cards.
    Please note that each table has a sign indicating the minimum and the maximum for the table.
    The manager in charge is responsible for the gaming area and his decision will be final in any situation when the dispute exists.

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